Child Support

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Utah Child Support laws attempt to ensure that both parents financially support their children.  Generally, the court calculates the child support award by applying the parents’ respective gross monthly incomes and amount of time with the children to formulaic statutory guidelines.  The court, however, does have limited discretion to consider other factors in creating a child support award, which can lead to significant conflict in determining child support.

Utah Divorce Firm attorneys have experience in establishing fair child support awards and enforcing your right to receive consistent child support from a parent failing to meet court-ordered obligations.

Child Support Modifications

If your ability to pay child support has changed since the divorce or paternity decree were entered, you can seek to modify the child support award either up or down.  To seek a modification of your child support obligation or to defend against a modification, please contact Utah Divorce Firm today at (801) 424-5280 for a free 30-minute consultation.


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