Utah Paternity Attorney


Utah Paternity Attorney

Utah’s Paternity Attorney

When the parents of a child are not married at the beginning of the pregnancy or at the birth of the child, the father is legally without the rights and responsibilities of a parent.  Even if the parents agree as to the identity of the father, a paternity case is the best way to legally establish a parent-child relationship with the father.  This process gives the father custody and visitation rights, while imposing upon him a legal obligation to provide specific financial support for the child.

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Utah Divorce Firm attorneys can assist you with questions regarding paternity issues, such as if you have a child that you have been unable to see, or if someone claims that you are the parent of their child, or if a person claims to be the father of your child.  Please contact Utah Divorce Firm today at (801) 424-5280 for a free 30-minute consultation so you can be informed on how to protect your parental rights.


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