Most Pleasant Attorney Relationship

“We retained Aaron Millar to work on a very complicated case, which our previous attorneys were unable to continue on.  Since that time we have truly enjoyed working with him. He was thoroughly devoted to my case and discovered assets which were not previously known.  We have retained several attorneys throughout the years, but have never had a more pleasant relationship than we have had with Mr. Millar.  We look forward to many years with him as our personal Attorney.”

A Great Attorney Who Is Quick to Respond

Aaron B. Millar has represented me in a bankruptcy case and a child custody case. He and his assistant Barbara are great. Very professional and are very reasonably priced.  I had a prior family attorney that was hard to reach and hard to get him to do anything.  Mr. Millar and Barbara always responded quickly to me and my requests and got things done for me.  I recommend Mr. Millar to anyone that wants a great attorney.”

Going Far Beyond the Call of Duty

“I want to thank you again for going far beyond the call of duty.  May God Bless you and your family not just for what you have done for me but because you are a good man.”

Aaron may be the most down to earth attorney I think I have ever met. Just a guy that you can talk straight to…and one of those people you naturally trust. I would have no hesitation referring friends or family to Aaron.”

Friendly and Engaging

Mr. Millar impressed me right away. He was on time. He was friendly and engaging. He listened carefully to my situation, asked thoughtful follow up questions and made sure he fully understood my situation. He communicated his interest in helping even though it would not result in ongoing billable time because of my particular legal situation. He did not charge me for the consultation. My overall experience with Mr. Millar and the law firm was exceedingly positive and I plan to return should the need arise in the future.”

Attorney of Integrity

Aaron is an attorney of integrity; that is genuine, sincere, and honest.  Prior to working with Aaron, I had a very poor opinion of lawyers. I believed they were only interested in personal gain and winning;  not doing right and being right.  Aaron shattered my  preconceived ideas and made me realize that there are attorneys that care and want to do right.  In addition to heart, he is good at what is does, is sincere, and genuine.”

Very Effective in the Courtroom & All That a Lawyer Ought to Be

Aaron was tough, persistent, thorough, and well-prepared from start to finish. I was especially impressed with his oral argument skills. He is fast on his feet and very effective in the courtroom. No matter what was happening in the case, he was always courteous and congenial. He is a wonderful example of all that a lawyer ought to be.”

Reversed the Trial Court’s Ruling With One of the Best Oral Arguments I Have Ever Witnessed

Aaron is detail-oriented and thorough in his work. His writing skills are good and his oral skills are excellent. He presented one of the best oral arguments in an appeal that I have ever witnessed (and he prevailed in reversing the trial court ruling).”

Swift, Affordable and Made a Stressful Process Manageable

Mr Millar walked me through the process enabling us to be able to make the best  and sound decisions in order to achieve our desired favorable  outcome. Aaron thoroughly went through the case and dissected it  to get ready for trial ,And he was successful in achieving just exactly what I wanted to get . iam very greatfull to have been introduced to Aaron Millar and to be able to represent me.  He was swift , affordable honest in his dealings and always kept me  informed on every  step of the process . this made a very potentially difficulty and stressfull process manageable . I would just like to say thank  Aaron for your representation . I would recommend him to any one. You took away my fear  of having to appear in court and go through that process . Aaron was able to achieve a favorable settlement  and exceeded my expectations on this Thanks again Aaron for job well done.”


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