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A separating couple often find it difficult to continue raising children together in a new family dynamic.  Furthermore, custody and parent-time decisions involve complicated legal language and have long-term consequences.  And parents in these emotionally charged situations often neglect to consider all the details, legal options and implications involved in a custody and visitation arrangement if they do not have legal counsel.  Utah Divorce Firm attorneys encourage healthy cooperation between the separating parents and seek to create long-term solutions within the new family dynamic.  We tailor custody and visitation arrangements to the unique needs of each family, considering the best interests of the children in the short- and long-term.

The minimum parent-time in Utah for a non-custodial parent is generally alternating weekends commencing Friday afternoon until Sunday evenings, a mid-week visit (not overnight), a division of holidays throughout the year and some portion of either the summer or “off-track” time.

Our Utah Divorce Firm attorneys can assist you with your parent-time arrangement in the following ways:

  • Drafting and finalizing a custom parent-time schedule

  • Enforcing the parent-time schedule

  • Resolving disputes with the parent-time schedule

  • Modifying the current parent-time schedule

Please call Utah Divorce Firm today at (801) 424-5280 so we can ensure you get the parent-time with your children that you need and deserve.

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